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Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner
Carpet spotter and treatment for soiled carpets and upholstery
Drain maintenance for commercial and residential drain lines
Liquid product used to degrade FOG's in various conditions
Solid puck used for grease removal for grease trap capacity of 50 gallons or less
Septic maintenance treatment, reduces pumping and odors
BioBug HC Refinery & Hydrocarbon Waste
Hard Surface & Equipment Cleaner
BioBug LPT Liquid portable toilet maintenance. Non-staining, formaldehyde free, strong odor-blocking fragrance
Biodegradeable liquid odor control. RTU. Versatile range of applications
BioBug OC2 Gel Odor Control: controls odors without heavy fragrance masking
BioBug Orange Liquid hydrocarbon degradation bacteria. Enhances natural biological digestion of gasoline, diesel, and oils
Liquid Odor Neutralizer
Stain & Odor Eliminator (10X) Concentrate
BioBug PT - Apricot Portable mobile restroom systems such as buses, portable toilets, RVs, and boats. Non-formaldehyde powdered product in a water soluble pouch
Parts Washer Liquid
Bio-Active, No-Rinse floor wash
Residential and small institutional septic tank maintenance
A safe, biodegradable barrier fluid for waterless urinals. pDCB free
A safe, biodegradable urinal block for waterless urinals. pDCB free
Liquid Odor Control and Degreaser



Liquid Odor Neutralizer
Solid Odor Neutralizer
Phosphorous Removal in Wastewater
Lift Station Hydrocarbon & Grease Control
Collection System Grease Control
Activated Sludge products for organic waste removal
Used to enhance the appearance of decorative ponds and fountains
Controls excessive vegetation. Ensures clearer water
Wastewater Treatment Liquid
Fixed Film products for organic waste removal
Four solid products designed to release bacteria and surfactants, degrading grease in your lift station over a period of 30-45 days.
Refinery Hydrocarbon
Grease blanket control for municipal and industrial lift stations
Hard Surface & Equipment Cleaner
High foam, solvent free, bacteria based, sewer jet formula degrades grease, reduces odors
Reduces sludge, improves effluent quality, reduces odors, decreases dredging costs
Micronutrient Supplement. Works in aerobic/anaerobic environment
Concentrated nitrifier blend designed to reduce ammonia levels in Industrial and Municipal waste w ater systems



Thatch control and soil enhancement
Compost Accelerant
Blue Pond Dye
Pond Dye and Biological Clarifier
Enhance water biology in lagoons, lakes, and ponds
Hard Surface & Equipment Cleaner
Animal waste digestion product accelerates manure decomposition
Ready to use nitrifier blend designed to reduce ammonia levels in aquariums, fountains, decorative ponds
Enhanced Water Biology in Decorative Lakes and Ponds



Concentrated heavy duty lime and scum remover
Concentrated reduced slip floor wash
Liquid Odor Neutralizer
Concentrate, 10X, for carpet and upholstery care for stains and odors associated with pets
Ready to use hard surface cleaner
Reduces the accumulation of grease in sumps, drains and traps



Liquid Product for wastewater treatment
Pond Dye and Slime Control
Powdered blend for grease and odor reduction
Powdered product for plants treating chlorinated organics
For dairy and milk processing wastes
Powdered products used for Food Processing waste
For fruit, vegetable and wine wastes
Grease Trap and Interceptor Blocks
Solid product formulated and packaged to deliver bacteria to sumps containing hydrocarbons
Sewer maintenance: Reduces grease build-up, odors, line blockage
Hard Surface & Equipment Cleaner
Designed to reseed waste water plants after an upset. Enhances BOD, sludge, and FOG removal
Biological Nutrients and Stimulants
Ammonia Reduction in Waste Water Plants
BioBug NS Concentrated Nitrifying Bacteria
Solid Odor Neutralizer
Liquid Odor Control (50X) designed for cost-effective treatment of large industrial applications
Reduces hydrocarbons contaminants in waste water sumps, reducing odors and sludge removal costs
Blend of cellulose specific bacteria and fungi for pulp and paper waste water systems
Biological treatment of parts washing fluids to degrade dissolved hydrocarbons
Designed for the biological remediation of chemical wastes, including phenols, benzene compounds, surfactants and alcohols
Ready to Use blend of bacteria and nutrients designed for remediating hydrocarbons and other organics in soil
Blend of bacteria and nutrients with added fertilizer designed for remediating hydrocarbons and other organics in soil
BioBug White Liquid Odor Control and Degreaser
Liquid Odor Control and Degreaser(20X)